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Sanome – Transforming Diagnostics For All
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Sanome – Transforming Diagnostics For All

Benedikt von Thüngen co-founded Sanome, a London-based early-stage biotech firm.

The company was founded in January 2021.

The company assists individuals in staying healthy and detecting early indications of illness.

What is Sanome’s mission?

Sanome is enhancing people’s health by determining the best diagnostic test combination for each individual.

Sanome has created a diagnostics innovation engine that integrates biomarkers to produce more efficiently and effectively medical-grade at-home diagnostic solutions (IVDs).

Because clinical validation is difficult, most digital health, wearables, and consumer biotech technologies have limited medical use. 

Sanome’s innovative strategy takes advantage of current technology to provide a clinically validated home test that improves patient outcomes and lowers healthcare costs.

Finally, providing the groundwork for early diagnosis and prevention of high-unmet-need illnesses.

Who are the founders of Sanome?

Left to right: Dr. Marc van der Schee – CMO and Benedikt von Thüngen – CEO

Benedikt von Thüngen

The CEO and Co-founder of the company is Benedikt von Thüngen

Benedikt comes from a Biosciences academic background.

He is passionate about the intersection of the two areas and how they will alter the healthcare industry.

He has expertise in establishing software firms.

He, too, began his entrepreneurial adventure while still in school, and has since established numerous businesses in renewable energy, enterprise software, artificial intelligence, drug development, and healthcare.

He enjoys creating and expanding winning teams in outstanding businesses.

Dr. Marc van der Schee

The second Co-founder of the company is Dr. Marc van der Schee. He is the Co-Founder as well as the Chief Medical Officer of the company.

In an interview, he stated that he has had the good fortune of working as an academic scientist, a clinician, and an entrepreneur assisting in the scaling of a biomarker firm.

He feels most at ease working at the intersection of corporate strategy, unmet health needs, and research because of his diverse experience.

His vision for Sanome is to establish a more accessible, effective, and equitable healthcare system.

What choose Sanome?

Sanome operates on a set of principles that make it easy for consumers to get behind them:

They are open to everybody

Sanome’s objective can only be completed by integrating a variety of various health insights. 

Diversity is in our DNA, and we require a variety of perspectives, ideas, and methods from everyone, both internally and outside.

Transparent relationships

Transparent relationships are open and honest about their current position, motives, objectives, difficulties, and dangers.

Data-driven decisions rule

They should always search for or create objective data to assist their decision-making process since data-driven decisions are the rule.

Obsession with learning

They promise to offer a secure atmosphere in which individuals may learn from both success and failure.

They move quickly

They give everyone the freedom to make judgments and make errors to achieve their goals.

First and foremost, put your family first

Family and friends keep them happy, which allows us to accomplish a good job. It’s crucial to strike a good work-life balance.

User satisfaction

They are creating things that are changing people’s lives all around the world. What motivates them is the success and influence of thier goods.

Present and Future

Sanome completed an initial funding round of £2m from a number of leading UK and European HealthTech specialist investors. 

The round was led by Heal Capital, with participation from Crista Galli Ventures, Selvedge Ventures, o2h Ventures, Meltwind and a number of high-profile angels including David Cleevely and Pam Garside. 

Sanome aspires to build a human digital twin (a virtual representation of everyone’s biology & health) that allows us to predict any changes to someone’s health before they actually occur, thus enabling true preventative healthcare.  

The Human Digital Twin

The idea is a virtual representation of a physical object through its lifecycle. 

Dr Marko Grobelnik, the chief technical officer at the International Research Center on AI at the Jožef Stefan Institute, argued that healthcare institutions are complex systems with a lot of interleaved processes which are providing results only if they are properly synchronized. 

Each process carries uncertainty, which can be harmful or cause unwanted domino effects with potentially dire consequences. 

In these complex systems digital twin tech can help, since it operates with the breadth to observe and the speed to react which humans have. 

Digital twins have the potential to speed up work at an exponential rate and therefore saving countless lives. 

Why is Sanome a necessity today?

Sanome’s at home test

There are two big trends behind Sanome.

To begin with, it’s encouraging to see so much innovation in consumer health technology (genetic testing, at-home blood, digital health, etc). 

However, because of the significant cost and time required to bring them to the clinic, only a handful of them have therapeutic applicability. 

As a result, many individuals are unable to make use of some of the most cutting-edge technology available.

Second, healthcare is still an abstract concept with which we interact only when we are forced to. 

It’s still awkward to engage with because it’s at arm’s length. 

As a result, people’s access to healthcare should be simplified by allowing them to connect from the comfort of their own homes and at their own pace, WHEN and HOW they wish to interact. 

Telehealth is a fantastic start in the right direction, but clinicians and doctors will still need to rely on at-home diagnostics to establish an accurate diagnosis.

Finally, clinicians are frequently expected to make a diagnosis based on a small number of data points.

There are currently tools in place to continuously gather a wide range of data points that might assist in diagnosis and therapy.

However, as previously stated, the majority of instruments have little clinical use.

Sanome is an early bird but it is going to stay here for longer.

The company’s innovative and unique technologies will excite you.

The company is all set to deliver its first set of IVD candidates. 

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