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Philips and Elekta Deepen Strategic Partnership in Precise a...
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Philips and Elekta Deepen Strategic Partnership in Precise and Individualised Oncology Care

Royal Philips and Elekta have signed agreements to deepen their existing strategic partnership to advance comprehensive and personalised cancer care through precision oncology solutions.

Philips and Elketa expect that through deeper cross-portfolio collaboration, their complementary capabilities will further improve patient care.

Oncology care is transforming, driven by an increasingly precise diagnosis of each tumor, and a continuously expanding range of therapy options. 

To fully capitalize on these opportunities, healthcare providers require integrated solutions throughout the entire cancer care pathway, from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up.

Philips’ and Elketa’s integrated approach has the potential to provide quicker and more accurate visualization of the tumor, easier decisions of optimal treatment strategy, earlier assessment of therapy responses and more effective and efficient therapy delivery.

The strengthened strategic partnership intends to further deliver a superior experience in diagnosis and adaptive, personalized treatments for clinicians, shorter treatment times and more precise therapy for patients, and lowered costs of care for healthcare providers.

I expect this extended partnership to unlock opportunities that will provide better outcomes for people with cancer…

Gustaf Salford – Elekta’s President and CEO

Source: Phillips


I first joined as an intern back in early 2021 and now operate as one of's operations managers. It is a great way to be a part of the digitalization of healthcare, and it is so important that we work towards a market with valuable patient-centered data. Every single person on the planet has a stake in healthcare, but not everyone has equal access. We are working to change that.

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