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NHS with Blockchain platform Hedera Hashgraph
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NHS with Blockchain platform Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera’s distributed ledger technology provides the NHS with a tamperproof and efficient record of the data.

The NHS facilities in Warwickshire and Stratford Upon Avon are starting to gain access to this technology and with wider vaccine distribution, it should reach all NHS units in the coming months.

The COVID-19 vaccine needs to be kept well below freezing to prevent it from spoiling.

Having a program to accurately monitor the temperature is a big help in the distribution and transporting of the vaccine.

Technology like this is vital to healthcare in the future.

With more people and new diseases and viruses being discovered we must be well prepared and have the means of storing life-changing medicine.

Hedera’s program is the first step in monitoring delicate medicines and I can see their systems and many others being used in the medical world to help speed up and digitalise medical records.

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