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How Blockchain Is Now Powering New Robot Nurses
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How Blockchain Is Now Powering New Robot Nurses

A humanoid robot called Grace has been engineered to use the Cardano blockchain for artificial intelligence (AI) modules.

Developed by SingularityNET, a close partner of the, and Awakening Health, Grace speaks English and Korean fluently.

This system can be used for elder care as well as general health care.

Due to the pandemic, the eldercare robotics industry has seen a tremendous increase in demand.

It provides meaningful social interaction with patients thanks to its powerful AI.

Grace can simulate 48 facial muscles.

In addition to enhancing the robot’s performance, Cardano integration will reduce the time it takes to process biodata by 30 percent.

According to Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET, Cardano will also increase the security and privacy of medical records:

“In applications like that, the robot needs to deal with medical records on the back end, and it needs to deal with potentially confidential information that elderly folks and medical patients can give her on the back end…This really makes use of the security of the Cardano platform.”

Source: UToday

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