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Healthcare Ravaged by Data Breaches – Is Blockchain th...
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Healthcare Ravaged by Data Breaches – Is Blockchain the Solution?

Earlier this year, the Republic of Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE) has suffered a catastrophic cyberattack, where hackers stole and shared sensitive patient information online. 

HSE’s CEO said that although three-quarters of the servers have been unlocked, it will still be “many more weeks” before everything will return to normal.

ICO statistics show that in the UK, 3,557 data breaches were reported across the health sector in a two year period. However, the total might be higher due to a number of breaches that go unreported.

This is a perfect example of how dangerous centralized systems can be. Decentralized systems built on blockchain technology can help by securely storing health data and putting control in the hands of the patient.

Source: Global Banking & Finance Review

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