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Eggschain – First Patient to Have Genetic Material Tra...
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Eggschain – First Patient to Have Genetic Material Tracked with Blockchain.

Eggschain based in Austin Texas has developed a healthcare technology which will use blockchain to track genetic material.

They have released their patented solution for tracking and monitoring the storage and transfer of “blood, genome, tissues, organs, DNA, RNA, sperm, eggs and embryos”. 

They aim to provide a universal tracking platform for patients to give them peace of mind for treatments such as IVF. 

Utilising blockchain Eggschain protects patients’ data; patients can decide who can access their data and have full control enabling them to monitor their biological specimens with ease. 

The technology will create a secure way for patients to view their data and it will provide them with safety and security whilst removing the possibility for any data mix ups.

Source: Crypto Reporter

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