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Data Sharing in Healthcare: Ethical Considerations for a Rem...
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Data Sharing in Healthcare: Ethical Considerations for a Remote Era of Research

Research institutions can participate in ethical data sharing today by taking into account participants’ privacy and security, as well as balancing the need to protect their commercial interests with the need to share sufficient data to advance medical research.

Remote technology makes it easy for research sites to transmit patient data to their sponsors, CROs, or coordinating centers.

According to a WCG survey from June 2021, remote technology is quickly becoming an essential element in clinical trials, with 94% of research sites expecting to use at least one type of remote technology in the future.

So how can data be shared ethically? What regulations are in place?

The National Center for Biotechnology Information released a guide for sharing clinical trial data in 2015, and it states that data sharing can “accelerate scientific progress and ultimately improve public health.”

Determining when and how to share data is an ongoing process, however, the  HLTH Network’s data sharing platform is designed to share medical data securely, taking into account participants’ privacy, security, as well as protect their potential commercial interests.

Source: MedCityNews

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