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Amino Health Robust Algorithm Gives Effective Analysis of He...
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Amino Health Robust Algorithm Gives Effective Analysis of Health

Ever since technology has taken the lead in all areas, people have received significant comfort. The health sector has always seen advancements with time. 

Many technologies have been developed to assist people in keeping them fit. Today, we discover more about one of the healthcare industry’s most promising startups.

A Brief Introduction to Amino Health

In 2020, Amino Health was born when Johan Snider and Ismail Elouafiq decided to develop a technology to share the way they analyze their  health and biosensing data with their friends.

Currently, the company offers monitoring of glucose or blood sugar and monitoring of sleep and heart rate. 

The data received through this monitoring is analyzed by the company. 

After analyzing, the company provides simple and easy health habits to help health enthusiasts in focusing their goals.

The habits provided by the company include solutions for improved endurance, weight loss, muscle gain and longevity of life.  

After its development, Amino Health has received support from Uppsala Innovation Center and is currently a part of it. 

The company received a grant from Uppsala Innovation Center. 

The grant has been helping the company optimize the product by developing and testing it further.

Insight Into the Co-Founders

Amino Health Co-Founders

Amino Health, a health-related product, has been designed by two engineers, Johan and Ismail who are also the co-founders of this product. 

According to them, the idea for this product started arising from their own lives. 

They both were interested in optimizing their physical and mental performance. This idea motivated them to develop this amazing product.

Ismail Elouafiq, one of the co-founders, has a career in data engineering. He currently works as a data engineer in Swedish Television.

Johan Snider has a well-established career in computer science and is a teacher in Uppsala’s NTIG.

It is essential to note that both the co-founders started working on this product way before it was launched. 

They both utilized data analysis, tracking of glucose and sleep that formed the foundation of Amino Health product.

Initially, they both monitored their glucose to find a healthy solution. 

After monitoring, they come up with the right amount of glucose that is required for a healthy body. 

According to their analysis, glucose is 80/20 for health, performance and longevity.

After monitoring their health data, they developed robust algorithms to analyze glucose data. 

The algorithms were also based on the latest research in metabolic health. 

The developed algorithms provide a clear, actionable and effective analysis of the metabolic data.

What Does Amino Health Solve?

Amino Health Co-Founders Developing Their Product

Biology is different from person to person. But, the advice given is common for all the people. Whatever guidance is available in terms of nutrition and exercise tries to fit every person in the same bubble; there is no information present out there.

In addition, applying all the healthy habits at once is not going to be very effective. There must be a specific solution for the specific cause. There is no guarantee that a solution effective on a certain body will also be effective on another body.

Moreover, it is not an easy task to find a habit that is customized to your needs. It is hard to know which habit to implement for better physical performance, longevity and mental performance.

Amino Health thinks it is essential to address such problems as they can affect our lives in a negative way. Hence, they try to develop a product that is now proving to be the solution.

Small Change in Habit Can Have the Biggest Impact

The focus of this product is to bring an impact on your health through specific habit changes. 

The essential question is how this product impacts your health. 

If you are a health enthusiast, you must be careful while reading it.

It is not easy to have an impact on the health of someone. 

However, when you know your problem and the goal, it becomes easy to tackle it. 

Amino Health offers you a habit to change according to your needs.

Try to understand it like this, for example, if a person wants to enhance their endurance, Amino Health will come with one habit to increase their endurance. 

The habit will be based on the personal data and the latest research in metabolic health and endurance of the person who wants to enhance the endurance. 

What Do Their User’s Think?

It becomes easy to decide when you hear the experience of another person. Below is the testimonial from Adam Horowitz, one of the customers of Amino Health products.

“The experience of fasting and tracking glucose levels with Amino Health was so much fun and more importantly really insightful! 

I get a bit jittery sometimes in the mornings after eating breakfast, and I guess I got my answer from monitoring my glucose… and so much more. 

The report was also really helpful and something I loved – since I like tinkering on my own it was the perfect introduction to my exploration into my glucose levels and what can be done about it. 

Thank you Amino Health!”

In short, Adam Horowitz enjoyed using the product and was also offered a habit to implement in his daily life. The monitoring of his glucose level provided a report that told him how he needs to change his daily habit.

What is the Future of Amino Health

Amino Health aims to provide health assistance throughout the world to not just prevent the disease but also help in simplifying everyday life. 

They want to provide goals with self-quantification. Though they have not conducted any seed funding round yet; if conducted, it will bring significant attention from people around the world.

If you are intrigued by this product or want to know more about it, you can always find them at


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