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About HLTH Media

The World's First Healthcare Blockchain Focused Journal

The official media outlet of the HLTH ecosystem, focused exclusively on tokenized healthcare, precision medicine, wellness and blockchain markets.

Through its suite of media channels, such as the Health Network Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram channels, blogs, podcasts, and ‘ask me anything’ AMAs, and a brand new journal dedicated to tokenized healthcare, HLTH Media delivers news, analysis and must-have information to a global audience of healthcare and technology influencers.

It is the place healthcare decision-makers go for timely, actionable news and analysis on the ever-changing health and blockchain landscape.

The World’s First Healthcare Blockchain Focused Journal

Open Access Blockchain Journal

A central part of the HLTH Media activities is a new open access journal that publishes research covering theory and real-world applications of blockchain & tokenomics in the healthcare ecosystem.

Covering blockchain-related technologies, including theoretical, computational, and experimental research and development, applications, innovations, case studies, policy and position papers to improve how healthcare is revolutionized through tokenization and blockchain technology.